How Do I Purchase Beats?

On the Beats page you will find an audio playlist that gives you access to all beats available from BassHeadXxclusive for purchase. Once you’ve selected the track(s) you’d like to purchase a license for or download, click the Cart button to add to go to that instrumentals purchase page or the Cloud Button (if available) to download a beat.

I Made A Purchase And Have Not Received My Instrumental

Once you’ve submitted your payment through PayPal and upon receipt of payment, you will be emailed or given direct access to the link to download your purchase. If you haven’t received a link within 15 minutes, contact us here.

When Will I Receive My License Confirmation Or Contract?

Allow up to 72 business hours for your License Confirmation Or Beat Contract to be submitted by email. If you haven’t received your Confirmation or Contract within 72 hours, contact us here.

Are Free Beats Really Free?

Unfortunately not. Beats are broken down into short clip samples for public promotion and for previewing tracks before a musician purchases a beat. Instrumentals listed as “Free” are to be used under the Terms and Conditions outlined by BassHeadXxclusive here. Failure to adhere to Terms may result in legal action being taken.

Why Should I Choose BassHeadXxclusive For Mixing My Song/Beat?

With a background in Audio Electronics, having an ear for quality when it comes to music creation and production is something that has long separated the good and the bad in the music business. Fine attention to detail and having the knowledge of choosing specific tools to accomplish a task are all qualities you want when producing a record. Ready to make music? Click here to get started.

I Have No Way To Purchase A Lease. Can You Still Help?

Yes.* Artists looking to expand their skill without a sound bank of instrumentals are invited to email BassHeadXxclusive with links to your artist page online. You will also be automatically added to the Monthly Beat Updates to keep you with a consistent supply of fresh beats to develop your craft too. And it’s all free!

*Limited To 1 Free Promotional Lease Beat

Are There Public Tracks Produced I Can Hear?

You can visit the link here to check out some of the production by BassHeadXxclusive.

How Long Have You Been Doing Music Production?

Since the age of 15, production and behind the scenes work with music creation and development have been main staples. Songwriting and other forms of music are still something that’s very much relevant as well. More info can be found in the short bio here.

What Forms Of Payment Are Accepted

At this time, transaction handling is exclusively provided by PayPal. Future integrations are currently being worked on. If you’d like to recommend a payment solution, please feel free to use the contact form here.

What Kind Of Mixing Do You Provide?

The whole goal of audio mixing is to bring out the best overall sound quality of your recordings, rather its done in a $100/hr professional studio or in your at-home studio. Blending your tracks correctly using a variety of sound processes such as an EQ, maybe a Multiband EQ, Compressors, etc., to give your multitrack recordings the best quality. With tools from top rated audio production suites, get your tracks mixed by BassHeadXxclusive today! 

More FAQ's Coming Soon..

Music Services

Bring your audio and artistic visions to life. Let BassHeadXxclusive give your sound that professional flavor before you release your mixdown or send it to your mastering engineer. Also, solidify your online foundation with an Xxclusive™ Artist Site Development Package. More information here.


Making music and doing what you love, is as simple as it gets. Why confuse easy terms and language with legal jargon that's non understandable? BassHeadXxclusive has 3 simple leasing packages available for your musical aspirations. Get more information here.